Retina badges [beta]

Because I am sick of all those blurry images on otherwise pixel perfect GitHub pages.

This service also can also turn your Travis CI, Coveralls and VersionEye badges to retina versions.

Retinify Travis CI, Coveralls or VersionEye.

Paste original url to ugly png badge:

This is url with awesome (still fully dynamic) svg badge:

Create your own badge

Does it work?

Svg images are supported pretty much everywhere except IE8 — as of early 2014, this means more than 90 % users are covered. But frankly, I'm quite sure nobody views GitHub with IE8. Works on Firefox 4.0, Chrome 13, iOS 4, Opera 10.9, IE9, Safari 4 and above.

Beta — things will change!

Frankly, this is a proof of concept. Once this gets enough traction, I will rewrite the codebase, publish it a open source on GitHub and setup proper domain with extensive serverside caching etc. The good thing is, it already works like a charm now!


gittip/ for the shield template

gittip/ for the idea

Steve Matteson for Open Sans font

Multiple colors

Vectors — they scale!

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